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Full haircut 27.5

A wash, a haircut, some sticky hair styling stuff | 30 min

Clipper trim 10

One length, no fade, iced water or neck lotion | 10 min

Full haircut + beard 45

Same as the above + for the hairy face, discount deal | 45 min

Sides shave 19.5

Sides good as new, mention this when you book | 20 min

Contouring 7.5

Tips of the hair and beard, neck hair shave, a quickie | 5 min

Beard small 17.5

Trim with clippers at various lengths, beard oil | 15 min

Beard large 22.5

For beards covering the Adam's apple, freestyle shave + oil | 15 min

Every two weeks 19.5

Top, back, sides, or combi | 20 min

Kids haircut 25

For the young man between 8 and 12 years old | 20 min

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A Haircutting Heritage

Simon watched and learned from his old man, before taking up the comb and clippers himself in 2010. He started off on ladies' hair, but he couldn't get the colouring down so he moved on to men's and never looked back.

The Simon Says you see today..

Thomas decided in 2015 that he wanted to be more than a loyal customer, and fancied swapping out his job importing cars for the scissors. Daan left sales in 2016, starting from the bottom before sweeping his way up top too. Koen is cutting hair since he was 14 years old, now he is in his thirties, you can do the math. Joop (the dog) brings in the family feel.


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